The 5 Best Android Apps To Download and Play Free Music

Despite record sales still being high nowadays, the CD, or the Compact Disc, through which a lot of it is still primarily sold, is believed to be on the decline, in favor of digital methods in order for you to purchase the music you wish, as well as listen to them through an online platform, without having to pay directly for it. With that said, there are a lot of apps that were created as music downloads sites, as well as those sites which enable you to take your music journey to the next level. What exactly are these apps? Let’s find out below.


The first, and probably the most familiar, as it is the most popular out of all player platforms would most definitely have to be Spotify. Simply put, this is a free online streaming app which would only require a stable internet connection (apart from downloading the app, of course). The interesting thing about Spotify is that it has features that enable you to play recommended music based on your initial interest. It also allows you to find music fast and easy, by viewing top lists and the latests releases. This app also allows you to listen to playlists of other people, get push notifications, and broadcast your own set of songs. One of the downsides of the free Android version, however, is that you would not be allowed to choose the order in which your songs would be played. Nevertheless, it’s still a nifty app to have.

Slacker Radio

If you’re the genre-type of music listener, then this is definitely the perfect app for you. The reason for this is that it’s allows you to listen to pre-programmed streaming audio stations, based on the genre that you want. You could tailor your stations in such a way that you hear the stuff you want to hear. Apart from listening to per-station genres, you also could come up with your own, keep track of your favorite tracks, as well as those you have previously played. It comes in a classy, yet very simple interface. To put the icing on the cake, this is a free app you could download not just for your Android Units, but for your iOS and even Microsoft phone as well!

TuneIn Radio

Contrary to what other people may believe, radio, both AM and FM aren’t obsolete, nor are they primitive. Suffice to say, both means of broadcasting have well adapted to the times. TuneIn Radio is a testament to this. With that said, this app gives users who love to tune in to the radio do it on their SmartPhones. This app allows them to both find and listen to radio stations within your vicinity. Apart from that, you could also look for radio stations which would play the artist or the song of your choice, all of this wish just a push of a button. If you want to take things up a notch, they also have a premium version which allows you to record whatever it is you would want to on the radio. Apart from that, this app also works with a wider array of smart TVs.

Sound Cloud

If mainstream isn’t your thing, and if you’re more into compositions by amateurs, or if you would love to listen to budding stars, then Sound Cloud is definitely the app for you. Aside from letting you listen to amateur artists of your choice, you could also search for specific audio, artists, and users, and follow them and keep track of whatever it is they upload. Unlike the previously mentioned apps, this one works like a Social Media platform with an added dimension of music. Basically, more than 10 hours of new material gets recorded on this site, making it something that turns out to be interesting. As a matter of fact, it even has a feature that allows you to upload audio straight from the app.

Google Play Music

Last, but definitely not the least is the search giant’s take on music. Google Play Music is as simple as it can get, as it’s just an app where you could upload your own music and listen to them on your phone without having to deal with ads you may find pesky. It’s all your choice and you are able to upload as much as 50,000 songs to your account on google, and listen to them through Google Play Music. As with the search engine, it also has an “I’m feeling lucky mix” to it, subscribe to an all-access pass, as well as discover and save new music for you to listen to.


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