Following from his summer debut ‘Anxiety’ which was championed by BBC Introducing Wales, multi layered artist Diives announces the release of his second single, ‘Stayed Too Long’ out November 3rd. Premiered on Gigslutz and already supported by BBC Introducing Merseyside, the track acts as the perfect introduction to an artist who has his sights fixed on mainstream appeal with his hook-ladened, angst driven radio friendly output.
Equally skilled as a producer, the North Wales singer/songwriter draws influences from far and wide. Whilst not afraid to write a ‘proper’ chorus he straddles the line between rebel rousing indie and contemporary grime, occasionally landing in urban balladry to create wonderfully crafted 3 minute gems which tackle the struggles of modern life, akin to Plan B and The Streets. Speaking of ‘Stayed Too Long’ he explains;

“It’s at least in part about being the last ones to leave the party, when the alcohol can take effect on what you say and think. The line “Right to the moment when the ‘false us’ kicked in” is where that comes from – But actually I kind of prefer people making their own interpretations, finding the message that most resonates for them.”

Prioritising creative freedom over the confines of traditional genres, Diives explains why his music often defies categorisation;

“There’s a lot to say, and lots of different ways to communicate it – People get hung up on looking and sounding a certain way, saying certain things…but not getting pigeon-holed frees you up, so the song finds the voice it needs, not the other way around.”

Diives is an act for today, with plenty to say, and lots more ways of saying it. Watch out for new visuals and a mixtape of covers and remixes also out soon…


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