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Tian – I Got

18 year old Manchester rapper Tian drops off his new release titled “I Got.”

The edgy tune is very modern and has that bouncy feel to it as Tian lays down the melodies on the synth filled instrumental.

Listen below…


Keiko – Judas Ft. TakuKeiko

Making his debut on HWING is Keiko with his new song “Judas”

I been working on my sound ,slowly build my confidence & build a fan base.My African roots have allowed me to express my emotions through sounds.Judas is song that i made to scare the bad energy people away.As i continue on this musical journey positivity is key” – Keiko


Desiire – Picasso

DESIIRE continues to expand creatively with his new tune “ PICASSO “ from his “ SHIFT “ EP Series. The tune is sonically driven by a bouncy staccato piano groove and an off kilter sing-rap flow that mixes the singer’s Congolose origins with Afrobeat inspired melodies with contemporary R&B cadences. The track comes off the release of the singer’s last single “ Reckless“ and continues the musical storytelling in an uplifting tone with motivated, autobiographical verses and a rhythmic chorus – Now available on all streaming services.


On The Fence – Better Than Nothing

Amsterdam based protagonist and singer/rapper On The Fence hits the scene with stellar EP ‘Better Than Nothing’

These days artists like ‘On The Fence’ (OTF) are the guys that make it worth waiting for. With all the assets in the right place, Jay (OTF) is a true visionair. With flavor in his tone, slickness in his delivery and a slow-jam lyricism to spice it all up, his EP ‘Better Than Nothing’ will appeal to a broad audience because of the diversity and accessible yet original overall vibe of the tracks. Make sure to add this one to your favourite playlist.


Connor Evans – How Far Feat. Paper Paulk

Connor Evans is back with his new single “How Far” Feat. Cleveland rapper Paper Paulk.

Connor says the following about “How Far”:
“I met with Paper last year at A3C when I came through one of his shows and we instantly fucked with each other. We made it a point to get in the studio the next day and this was the result. I’d been begging Ellio to send some beat through and he happened to send this the day of the session and the second we threw it on we knew we were making this record. How Far is about a very special girl I met who I actually hung out with a couple days before I made this song. We had a crazy night and ended up at Magic City for her first strip club experience. The songs about realizing I know this could beyond just a casual thing, and asking her how far do you want to take this.”

Listen below.


Gladius James – Too Bad

Gladius James is a triple-threat musician who sings, writes, and produces his own materialToday, he releases his vibey, slow-burning debut single “Too Bad.” In “Too Bad,” a song about the sex appeal of confidence, he makes a coy and vulnerable entrance with richly harmonic vocals that play off glitched-out, pop-industrial beats.

The track features such come-ons as “I’m about to mess your hair up/Kiss that lipstick off.” “The first thing I think about when I listen to ‘Too Bad’ isn’t the sonics,” he says. “It’s that it has movement. The song is so intense like that, because it came so quickly to me.”


BAER -The Pink Formosa (EP)

BAER is a multi-cultural Urban Pop singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles. Born in Taiwan and partially raised in Canada, BAER’s music has a style that transcends cultural boundaries. After studying Music Production and Engineering in Boston, where she honed her craft as a producer and as a performer, BAER moved to Los Angeles to begin working with notable vocal producer and songwriter David “DQ” Quiñones (Beyoncé, Demi Lovato, Jason Derulo, Nicki Minaj, and more). BAER’s musical style has been influenced by a variety of genres, including R&B, Hip Hop, Electronic, and Pop. Her unguarded lyrical approach makes her audience feel like they’ve known her for years. BAER’s debut EP “Breathe the Same” was released in early 2016. The Breathe the Same EP has been featured on Spotify’s Viral Hits charts and playlist, and H&M’s In Store Music playlist. BAER has released her second EP, “The Pink Formosa” today. Both her singles from this EP, “What Does It Matter”and “River” have been featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds Playlist. “What Does It Matter” has also been featured on a Khloe Kardashian commercial.

Stream below…


ELEON – If It Ain’t Me

LA artist ELEON drops off the new impressive single “If It Ain’t Me”. Not much is known by ELEON, but the vocals and instrumental on the single stands out amongst others. Co-written with Kubla Khan “If It Ain’t Me” can be listened to below.


Chop808 – All Night

Chop808 is an artist from Las Legas, Nv dropping off his new single  “All Night” that will make your body move, your soul groove, and remind you of the first time you fell in love.

The melodic slow rap tunes if very groovy with the as the Mac Nealy instrumental cuts through strong.

Listen below…


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