Breath Of Fresh Air:. Newcomer Elijah shares two amazing tracks “All Hours” and “After Hours” off his new compilation The All | After Hours EP.

After appearing in our Radar category in April Elijah returns with two new banging joint which are stupidly good.

Elijah is a Los Angeles based R&B & Soul artist who has taken his self taught musical knowledge to team up with producer Bosquet in order to cultivate a blend of new sounds that gives new life to the R&B/Soul genre. Elijah and Bosquet have being working day after day to create more music for the 2017 year.

The All | After Hours EP is Elijah’s first compilation of tracks since his last release.

Both songs “All Hours” and “After Hours” I would say define Elijah as a singer, he shines through the bouncy instrumentals produced by Bosquet, his vocals are soft and piercing leaving you with a sense of addiction and wanting to hear more music from him.

Press Play below and a guarantee you would fall in love with his songs.