Producers Jon Santana and Holly link up for this new electrifying space dwelling single “Galaxy” featuring the lovely vocals of Ashley Leone.

Jon Santana is a Nashville based producer who has produced music for more artists including Cappa who’s cover of ‘No Scrubs’ he featured on went viral on Spotify and now has almost hit 8 million streams and was played in H&M and Forever 21 stores nationwide. His own music also gained traction starting with a ‘What Do You Mean’ remix with 4B being featured on Diplo’s Best of 2016 mix on BBC Radio 1Xtra and accruing almost a million Soundcloud plays. In the fall of 2016 he released his debut EP ‘And There They Were’, which has almost a million cumulative Spotify streams, and who’s song ‘NY90’ placed on Spotify Viral charts in the U.S, Canada, Germany, Norway and Poland.

“Holly initially reached out to me, almost a year and a half ago, about a collaboration and had sent a couple of song ideas to work off of. The one that ended up being Galaxy is what stuck out to me because of it’s potential to be something different. I went through a few versions of the track before I landed on the version that I knew Ashley would be able to elevate and complete. We wanted to do a drop, but we also knew we wanted to keep it unique, so sampling Ashley’s vocals helped to shape that idea.” – Jon Santana

Featured vocalist on ‘Galaxy’ is contemporary R&B artist/writer Ashley Leone whose pop sensibilities are reflected in her soulful, yet relevant sound. Drawing much inspiration from the perils and promises of topics like lust & love, Ashley is no stranger to her vulnerability—in her music, that is. “Sometimes it ends up being brutally honest, which I just can’t help,” she says. “When I’m creating, I have the least amount of boundaries and I can fully say what I need to.” In many ways, you could say Ashley becomes her most authentic self when expressing thought through lyric.

“Jon showed me the track in Nashville when we first began working together, and we just started writing to it in the studio. Holly was down with the idea, and so we went with it. It all came together pretty naturally. It’s a little different than what I usually create so I was really excited to experiment with the track when I first heard it. It made me feel like we were in space so I tried to capitalize on what I initially felt. I’m really excited I got to be a part of this collaboration. The vibe of a song is really big for me, and I think we created something you can just chill and listen to.” – Ashley Leone

Listen below…

New Music: Holly x Jon Santana – Galaxy Feat. Ashley Leone


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