A week after the Friends-themed “Moonlight,” JAY-Z is back with another visual in support of his 4:44 album. From the bonus edition of JAY-Z’s new No. 1 LP, the James Blake-featured “MaNyfaCedGod” gets a black-and-white visual starring Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o.

As previously-teased, the black-and-white visual stars Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o, who dances throughout the emotional clip, before breaking down in tears. All of this hurt appears to be triggered by joyful memories of the past.

Flashing back to better days, Lupita can be seen smiling with her lover. While these scenes play, a caption reads: “Our eternal reality is an opportunity to heal our internal upset.” So, when these endearing scenes fade, anger and darkness fill the screen.

Lupita’s rage continues to build as the video progresses until she finds herself on the ground. Then, instead of a black background, she is surrounded by white walls as she fights to move forward with grace. Eventually, she starts running and then she jumps into the arms of her man.

The symbolic video matches the James Blake-assisted track’s personal lyrics, which depict the ups and downs of JAY-Z’s relationship with his wife Beyoncé. “Be grateful for whatever comes,” Nyong’o says as the clip closes. “Each has been sent from a guide from beyond.”

“MaNyfaCedGod” is one of three bonus cuts from 4:44, including “Adnis” and “Blue’s Freestyle / We Family.”

Premiered by TIDAL, watch here and below.


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