Joe Budden is officially joining the Revolt team.

Joe Budden had a solid 2017, not as a rapper but as a media person. Things kind of derailed towards the end of the year when his extension deal with Complex didn’t work out for their hit show Everyday Struggle but Joey has a habit of turning anything into entertainment.

Joe made the whole failure of negotiations with Complex a source of entertainment for the fans, going on his podcast to inform folks how he was mistreated by the network. Rumors of Budden, who recently welcomed a baby boy with Cyn Santana, inking a deal with Diddy for his REVOLT TV have been circulating for past two weeks but looks like the bag has finally been secured.

Jo Budden was a part of Diddy’s extravagant New Years Eve party last night where he was seen constantly hanging out with Puff. There, the two made the news official of Joe joining REVOLT Network on social media and elsewhere. Watch it below.