Two new Kanye West tracks surface online.

While the whole world is streaming the #OneLoveManchester concert, two new Kanye tracks have appeared online.

The first track, “Hold Tight,” features Migos and Young Thug. Ye holds down the chorus with a catchy, auto-tuned “hold tight.” Fans have been awaiting Kanye’s collab with Migos for over a year. Race is a frequent theme on this track. “I be acting like I’m white,” is repeated, as is, “don’t make me show my ass, that’s a black side.”

The other full track, “Euro (Switch Hands),” features ASAP Rocky. “Man I’m motivated, Man I’m underrated, Over, overstated,” Ye raps.

It’s pointless to link to anywhere, as everything is getting snatched with the quickness. So, if you’d like to hear either, you might wanna practice your Googles.


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