Method Man Shares Amazing Wu-Tang, Biggie & ‘Tical’ Stories on ‘Desus & Mero’

For their 172nd and final show of season one, VICELAND’s Desus and Mero sat down with the legendary Method Man for an epic interview. During the 22-minute extended cut, Meth talked about Wu-Tang Clan’s early days, filming How High and The Wire, and his memories of ’90s New York when nightclubs felt more like Fight Club.

Meth also had plenty of amazing stories on deck, from collaborating with Biggie on “The What” (and what the Notorious movie got wrong), how Lyor Cohen and Def Jam had to pay him to release “All I Need” as a single, and the time Ghostface Killah shot a guy with his own gun.

Who else had no idea that Tical stood for “Taking Into Consideration All Lives”? *Stabs own tongue with a rusty screwdriver*

Watch below…

Also, watch Desus and Mero on The Tonight Show. I still remember when they announced their first podcast on Complex like four years ago. Shouts to these guys. The brand is extremely strong.

Method Man & Black Thought Freestyle on ‘Sway In The Morning’

Method Man and Black Thought swung by Sway In the Morning yesterday to promote their new HBO show The Deuce, but you didn’t think Sway would let them just talk about television did you? Watch below as Meth and Tariq trade bars over the second half of J.I.D’s “Never” for five minutes straight. Meth may have had to dive into his iPhone notes, but elite MCs are always ready to rap — and there’s not many who do it better than these two right here. Shouts to the random Elijah Wood cameo at 3:04.

Watch below…


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