Looking for good rap music and not your regular trap flows then Mugun is the guy for you.

The Coventry rapper puts his creativity into action, taking over Lauryn Hill’s classic “The Sweetest Thing” instrumental to show his rap versatility.

The visuals by Lukas. Co show Mugun casually embracing the night time from the hallways and stairwells in a block of flats to the middle of a deserted street. With weed in hand, him and a few friends catch a vibe while the smooth acoustic-style beat sets the mood.

“The Sweetest Ting is kind of like a diary if you get me… An expression of all the excessive paranoid thoughts you get whilst trying to push your teenage love affair to the next level but also at same time trying to survive through all the incidents and mistakes it takes to be a man in our day and age” – Mugun

 Not often do you hear a rapper tackle a beat of this style so effortlessly and it’s refreshing to hear such a timeless song be reproduced.

Watch below.…