Toronto’s Nanu Alidina spirals in waves on his second-EP “Deep Waters”.

Grinding in the Toronto music scene for about a year now, Nanu Alidina has shown much improvement from his debut-EP “Somewhere in Toronto” to his more-recent single “Feeling Ways” (Produced by MARTIN $KY) and now his second-EP “Deep Waters”. This collection of tracks consist of 11-songs (with features including Everything OShauN and Tre Capital) where Nanu Alidina enters another space in rap , going in-depth on his personal thoughts, psychedelic experiences, secrets and perspectives on his life and what it’s becoming.

Alidina says “The reason I titled my EP Deep Waters is because I’ve never taken the time to really analyze myself or try to find answers about my life until most recently, and it kind of reminded me of when I look into any body of water. There’s only so much you can see on the surface but there’s an entirely different world when you go deep enough beyond it, so I dug deep into all of my most personal thoughts, insecurities, pain, happinesses plus more and I made an 11-track project for you to vibe to”.

Stream below…


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