Quentin Miller shares Expression 4 and links up with Jace on the new track “Addy.”

Atlanta rapper Quentin Miller has an eclectic style that diverges from the mainstream. On his latest effort Expression 4 and “Addy,” the lyrical mastermind spits about his fondness for recreational drugs and bad women.

“Expression 4,” filled with witty rhymes over a hypotonic beat that envelops you. This song will make you feel some type of way.

Teaming up with Jace of Two-9 and producer Soundz, Miller almost slurs throughout the track, spitting drug-induced bars about a girl and addy, and how he intends to put his hands on both. He masks his voice with Auto-tune, lending an eerie feel to the song. It’s as if listeners themselves were under the influence.The drone-like production adds to the strange effect. Jace jumps on the track with aplomb, telling us about his girl and how they’re going to spend the night.Listen below…..

Expression 4

Addy Feat. Jace


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