Singer/songwriter Kaeyra releases her new single “Fountains of Gold.”

16-Year-Old Indie Pop/R&B Artist sings about the ups and downs of love on new album. Kaeyra’s newest album “Fountains of Gold” is a highly personal look into the emotional life of the artist. With all of the tracks written by Kaeyra, the album is a reflection of maturity and sense of introspection well beyond her years.

An undeniable highlight of Kaeyra’s musical talent and versatility,”Fountains of Gold,” recounts several themes as diverse as living in the present moment, gratitude for the people that support you and the tumult of relationships are explored with grace and humility.

“When I sat down to write this album, I just overcame heartbreaks and frustrations, understanding that the journey to success in life, and love, takes a lot of strength to believe in yourself and really sticking to the core essence of who you really are. Therefore, the album reflects all these emotions and sends a message to all people to stay positive and true to yourself, even though it might seem difficult at times,” says Kaeyra says about her time making the album.

Although she’s young in age, Kaeyra has already found great success. She’s worked with the band Postmodern Jukebox a number of times and each time created a viral sensation leading to millions of views. Currently, Kaeyra is hard at work in the studio creating music for her next project.


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