London newcomer RENÉ has been gaining notable attention from the music industry for her mutated take on the contemporary r&b sound and striking visual content. With support from the likes of V Magazine, Hunger, The 405, Record Of The Day and BBC Radio 1xtra to name a few, she is quickly becoming a rising talent to watch. Continuing with her distinctive sound, she is now ready to release her consuming new single, ‘Pretender’.

Merging an ominous yet alluring soundscape against RENÉ’s sultry, powerful vocal, ‘Pretender’ weaves dark, intense synths alongside a stirring bassline that results in an impactful and impressive first listen. Produced by NOSAApollo, ‘Pretender’ allows RENÉ to showcase her effortless presence and musical ability with ease and flair.

This was one of those songs where the lyrics came free-flowing and from a place far deeper than I had anticipated or even realised at the time. Whilst it deals with the presence of someone poisonous in your life and in the lives of those around you, it does also speak to the rising frustrations some feel in their search for truth and authenticity in today’s world and not wanting to succumb to the blatant pretence and disingenuous interactions we see and have, on a daily basis, via social media for example. It’s another ‘middle finger up’ kind of track with added attitude and lots of bass, just how I like it..”

With a diverse and carefully executed EP expected for release next year, RENÉ remains an enigmatic and noteworthy talent who continues to excite both current and new listeners whilst pushing the boundary on the contemporary r&b sound.

Produced by NOSAApollo Pretender can be listened to below or here.