We formed the Radar Category to help us and you guys discover new music from talented acts who are doing their thing and on the verge of blowing up. Today We have decided to share a special edition of the Radar Category, a compilation of some of the recent R&B/Soul tracks sent to us in the month of November/December. The 12 track playlist is filled with amazing vocals from acts like Louis III, Bret James, J Elle and more.

Normally We would share some info about all acts compiled, but today the tracks are so good We just want you to dive in and hit play below. Stream below or here.


  1. Louis III — Fever Thoughts
  2. Bret James – Thank You
  3. GRIM — Down
  4. J Elle — I Lied
  5. Jamie Light — Run Like River
  6. Josh Caballes — Stay the Night
  7. Sam Gouthro — Down For This (Prod. Sam Gouthro)
  8. Paige Bea — Pick Up Your Heart
  9. JEFFREY JORDAN – Dancing All Night
  10. CINDË — Trap Queen
  12. Jaleel — Sorry