Welcome to our #RadarCollective Where we curate some of the newly discovered Indie artists/Groups that we feel you need to listen to for great vibes on your weekend / weekday. Whether you need to get hype or chill on some classic hip-hop, R&B/Soul vibes, these are artists & songs you need to check out. This week’s features include music from Dwilly, Sean Handley, Cool Amerika, Marko Stat$, Yakul, DJ SirTaj, Good Intent & Jon’Michael X Marty Bueller . Scroll below or stream the playlist here and immerse yourself in great music from acts you might have never heard about.

Sean Handley – New to Me (feat. Young Lungs)

Sean Handley is a music producer based out of Boston, MA. ‘New to Me’ is the first single to drop from his upcoming EP ‘Flatlined Suburbia’ which will be released later this year. The track features Canadian hip hop artist Young Lungs.

Dwilly – Birds and The Bees (feat. Kyle Thornton)

“Birds and the Bees” is dwilly’s first single of 2017, co-written by Jake Torrey (who also co-wrote Lupe Fiasco’s “Wild Child”) and featuring vocals from Kyle Thorton. This “soul house” track blends Kyle Thorton’s smooth tone with dwilly’s energetic production to express the joy of waking up next to someone you really care about.

Cool Amerika – Hating

ATL based duo Cool Amerika (best known for their 2015 regional hit “Make Sum Shake”) drop their new video, the bouncy and raw “Hating”:

They have a shared affection for music, high end fashion and Atlanta—the city that raised them. And their desire for penning long-lasting hip hop hits has certainly paid off. But it is the way with which they infuse their two distinct and intriguing personalities which have earned them recognition as the “most original tandem” to surface within the music industry in decades.

Marko Stat$ – Jubilation

Marko Stat$ is a Chicago native, raised and well-respected in the Uptown neighborhood. When Marko Stat$ first started rapping, he said he never thought in a million years that he’d be pursing a career in music. His father was insistent on education and he urged Marko to follow his footsteps. However, his destiny was set when his childhood babysitter introduced him to Hip-Hop. He started fully started to pursue a career in rapping after experiencing the hardship after his mother passing. Hip-hop has gave him an outlet to speak his mind and gather his thoughts. Marko Stat$ managed to develop a deep love for the art and create it into something of his own.

Yakul – Giveaway

Yakul are a Brighton based 4 piece making forward thinking neo-soul/jazz. Their debut debut double A side “Giveaway / Out of the Water” pulls from their Soulquarian and Rhythm Section influences and stamps their mark on the growing U.K. contemporary jazz scene. Think Jordan Rakei meets Hiatus Kaiyote and Yussef Kamaal.

Jon’Michael X Marty Bueller – Champagne Shootouts (Getting to the Money)

Lbs. Music Based out of the Bay Area northern California. We combine spaced out synths, soul, hip-hop and R&B to make something that you got to hear.

Comprised of three artist, Neq the Kush Queen, Marty Bueller the Himayalayan Playa, and Jon’Michael. Lbs. is the fruition of three lifetimes of living and artistic expression.

Tajinder Singh, also known as DJ SirTaj, is a one-of-a-kind, diamond-in-the-rough kind of artist. Complete with hard-hitting moods and an irrefutable tenacity, he is an act that you do not want to miss. Hailing from the streets of India, he made his journey to the United States in 1991, landing in Atlanta, Georgia. DJ SirTaj is what one would call a jack-of-all-trades. As a Music Engineering graduate, this Punjabi-hop artist is a producer, businessman and lyricist. He is taking the ATL by storm with his fusion of Punjabi, Soul and Hip-Hop music, turning the hip-hop world on it’s proverbial ear. His latest single featuring Q.T., Slice 9 and DJ Funky, “All Day,” is a perfect example of the gloomy keyboard and thumping, dance-inducing beats found in his unbelievably catchy tracks.

Perforated with the Get Money, rough lifestyle that the Hip Hop world is known for, the video for “All Day” will have you counting your stack of Benjamins while you find yourself falling into the groove. Jam-packed with hustler-like developments, this video is a day in the life of the trap boys and their hustlin’. Blending Punjabi into his lyrics, this song is a perfect synthesis of DJ SirTaj’s style and modern Hip Hop. Amongst expensive cigars, tons and tons of cash being accumulated without a second thought and a confident, boastful swagger not to be messed with, this video shows the grind DJ SirTaj lives “All Day.”

Good Intent – Diamond

Accidentally debuted at this year’s WorldStrides Onstage competition in New Orleans, the new track, “Diamond,” from D.C. rapper/singer/pop impresario Good Intent ( @itsgoodintent ), made waves. After sharing a private link with a friend, Good Intent along with an assembled crowd, was stunned to hear the pop rap flow of “Diamond” after the friend’s phone, playing the song, automatically paired with a UE Boom speaker in the theater. Good Intent, a.k.a. Camm Davidson, is a student at D.C.’s Duke Ellington School for the Arts and was at a national instrumental competition when his friends and fellow competitors were inadvertently introduced to the melodic, yet heavy vibes of “Diamond.”