Welcome to our #RadarCollective Where we curate some of the newly discovered Indie artists/Groups that we feel you need to listen to for great vibes on your weekend / weekday. Whether you need to get hype or chill on some classic hip-hop, R&B/Soul vibes, these are artists & songs you need to check out. This week’s features include music from *Weslee, Liselotte Östblom, Baldwins, Danielle Martin, Crystal Monee Hall & Baldwins . Scroll below or stream the playlist here and immerse yourself in great music from acts you might have never heard about.

Liselotte Östblom – Lay Down Your Life

Lay Down Your Life” is the fourth single of Liselotte Östblom newly released EP “A Paintbrush Unfold.” Lay Dow Your Life is a very significant single in showing Liselotte’s amazing vocal performance on the soulful track.

Listen below….

Danielle Martin – The One

“The One” is my official summer breakup song about giving your love to someone who ultimately doesn’t really care about you and coming to terms with that heartbreak . This is also the first single off of my upcoming EP called ‘Wanderlust’ that will be released in a few weeks. The official music video for the song has already been filmed and will be released with the single.

Crystal Monee Hall – If You Breathe

Crystal Monee Hall’s has had a good run with her music career, from performing alongside Kanye West and Chance The Rapper on Saturday Night Live to arranging vocals for Craig David and also being included in roles on Broadway. The singer has decided to share with us her new release titled “If You Breathe”

“If You Breathe” and the title track of my was the first song I wrote with producer Andrew Horowitz (Jidenna, John Legend). Just before we started writing, we listened to a mix of my classic and neo soul heroes. We’d just met that day, but the vibe was right. Knocking out the entire tune in two hours. We used my voice not only as backgrounds, but to infuse new sonic elements into the song. That set the tone for the EP, developing a sound with complex melodies and vocal layers.

Baldwins – Dirty Sheets

Baldwins is an eight-piece progressive-soul band hailing from Sydney, Australia. Combining elements of soul, jazz, and rock, the band have developed a distinctive sound with lush jazz-tinged harmony and dense polyrhythmic writing. A multitude of eclectic influences have informed the band’s sound – a genre they themselves call ‘progressive soul’ – which takes cues from such neo-soul/hip-hop artists as Thundercat and D’Angelo, the textural composition of producers such as Taylor McFerrin, as well as influences from alternative artists such as Radiohead. All of these inspirations have amalgamated in an unconventional sound that is entirely their own.
Dirty Sheets is about the journey we take through the exhilaration of love and lust. The excitement that pumps through your body; the butterflies that lift you, making you feel weightless; and the touch of a lover that melts you in an instant. Then there comes a moment when that exhilaration is stripped away, leaving you confused as to why it has gone or whether you really ever had it at all.

Watch below…

Weslee – Gassed (Stripped)

It’s really exciting to see where these guys go next” – Mistajam (BBC Radio 1)

A more pared-down take to the original, the stripped version is driven by a downbeat piano melody for a more sobre feel. Placing all attention on the vocals.
After being officially released last month, the first single has had a string of support, including BBC Radio 1’s Mistajam picking the track as Hottest Record In The World, as well as accumulating spins across Beats 1 and Rinse FM.


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