Rihanna BBHMM

Is Rihanna’s “BBHMM” Video DOPE or NOT ? that’s the question We are asking

Bad Girl RiRi has been – well – a (very) bad girl in her latest music video.

Rihanna just released the full theatrical version of the video for “B—- Better Have My Money” on Wednesday – and it manages to cram kidnapping, torture, nudity, drugs and vandalism into a short seven-minute featurette.

In the video, directed by the 27-year-old singer and Megaforce, Rihanna and some criminal pals take no mercy on a man and woman who must have that money she’s been singing about. (She debuted a 2-minute teaser trailer for the project at the BET Awards on Sunday.)

The video kicks off with a rich-looking blond woman tooling around her luxe hotel room in a lacy bra. But her fate is quickly sealed when the camera ends up on a dolled-up Rihanna heading down the elevator after stuffing the victim in a large chest and carrying her away.


Do you think the video is DOPE or NOPE ? select your answer in the poll below, and if you are yet to watch it head here.  

After weeks of anticipation, Rihanna finally liberated the music video for her current banger “B**** Better Have M… in H Wing’s Polls on LockerDome
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