Watch Tierra Whack’s intriguing video for her single “Mumbo Jumbo.”

Tierra Whack, a female emcee hailing from Philadelphia, has boldly emblazoned a grass roots movement that has pushed her music far outside her local city. Her unorthodox antics are effortlessly matched by her undeniable ability to rap circles around her opponents. Tierra has worked tirelessly on perfecting her wordplay, which is evident through her prior releases such as ‘Toe Jam’ and ‘Child Please.’ While her music has always been an outward display of her charismatic personality, it is her jarring visuals that have helped create this untouchable, dimensional character that we know as Tierra Whack.

Tierra Whack’s music subverts expectations right from the start and instantly pulls her listeners in. Her brand new release ‘Mumbo Jumbo’, a clever commentary on mumble rap, and its Black Mirror-meets-Aphex Twin video, are sure to keep her people on their toes and put her work in the global spotlight.

Watch below…


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