Undeniable Album  DROPS JULY 1st

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 1. HIGHER – (prod by @beatsbysarz) – features K9 & Sojay, 2 Trybe artists that will cause a major shock-wave this year. K9 is undoubtedly the most talented young artist I know, plus he’s a sick producer. Sojay by far the best male vocalist to have come out of Nigeria yet. E go be like say I dey make mouth now…sha wait for their singles. “Higher” was recorded at my home studio in Lagos.

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 2. BEEN THERE DONE THAT – (prod by @beatsbysarz) – By far one of the easiest records I’ve ever made. The beat was talking to me from the first time I heard it, I just turned on the mic and freestyled thru the entire song. Made in less than 30mins.

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 3. TODAY TODAY – (prod by @beatsbysarz, co-produced by @Teeymix & @eldeethedon) – Contemporary highlife music, Wedding song…need I say more. I wanted the song to be simple, yet catchy, without being corny like most wedding songs. Fun to write, fun to make. I went out to TYmix to add that extra bass you hear on the hook and the electric guitars towards the end, so I can get a more traditional feel. He killed it, and in one take too!!

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 4. ALWAYS – (prod by @beatsbysarz) – featuring my precious daughter Temi (@temilabelle). I wrote this song in New york while in studio with @realchiddy (Chiddy Bang). I recorded the song in Lagos, brought Temi who was only 1yr old at the time into my home studio, and she killed it!..lol

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 5. RUNDOWN – (prod by @beatsbysarz) – Featuring BankyW, one of my favourite artists to work with. Fun song to record, decided to do something unconventional for both of us….a little dancehall type beat with a contemporary hip-hop bounce from Sarz, the beat genius. Like I said a year ago, the fear of @beatsbysarz is the beginning of wisdom for all Naija producers.

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 6. TRANSFORMERS – (prod by @eldeethedon) – Featuring K9, Sojay. We were hanging out in studio one night and decided to do a song for the ones who love to hate us…this one will get your attention for sure…lol

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 7. CATEGORY – (prod by @beatsbysarz) – This record was a hit before it was made. Again, @beatsbysarz knows how to make a solid club banger without sounding generic.

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 8. WASH WASH – (prod by @beatsbysarz) – If you dont move when this beat comes on, youre officially dead. I had white boys in Boston losing their minds to this. And to think I almost didnt make this record. Simple concept, Trybesmen formula,…13yrs later, still a hit record

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 9. NEVER LET U GO – (prod by @beatsbysarz) – Featuring @WizkidAyo. Ok I call Wizkid at 8pm, send him the record on bbm, he shows up at 10:15am, records his part and leaves by 10:35am. Wiz has definitely clocked his 10,000 hours,…outlier for damn sure. All in all, Fun song to record, playful, PG stuff..lol

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 10. ZOMBIE – (prod by @beatsbysarz) – Rights activist? they say I care too much and cant make music without addressing the issues, this is no different. Started off with K9 freestyling over the beat and came up with a solid hook. Think of this as the consciuos song with a happy vibe to it.

#UNDENIABLE_TrackList 11. WE MADE IT – (prod by @Cobhamsasuquo) – Featuring Sojay. The eLDee story, from 1999 to date. A hiphop record for all my rap fans, laced with vocals that can only be compared to an Usher or Joe feature.


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