What is Vibbar (Documentary)

Creative collective Vibbar embark on their revolutionary mission to emit vibes-a-plenty with the release of their documentary covering their first live endeavor in Sweden. Binding the bridge between the worlds of music, fashion, art, and culture, the group consists of creatives spanning across many disciplines including music, fashion and art, all of which are seen in the creative and seductive visuals for the mini-documentary.

Taking the essence of the group back to its roots (‘Vibbar’ = Vibes in Swedish), the collective head to Malmö and unveil exclusive behind the scenes access of their show, which presents both the pitfalls and pluses to life as a collective. With their entire ethos built around the creation of vibes, the documentary showcases the individual cogs, personalities, and traits that merge together to create Vibbar.

Having finished 2017 on a high with their release of their single ‘Sweden’ via Mistajam’s Speakerbox label, the group have continued their plight for success via a continuous deluge of uber-chic material. The bubbly garage-esque single ‘Lighter’ featuring grime favourite Mercston dropped in January, followed by a focus on rapper Jordy, via the captivating single ‘Recipe’ and there’s certainly no end in sight for the ingenious flow of work, which adds to previous accomplishments that include associations with numerous high fashion brands as well as collaborations on previous material with the likes of  Big Narstie, Wiley and JME.

Follow along to see the journey and catch the vibes with Skribz, Specs, Jo, Jordy and Poet.


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