Young Dolph unleashes new video off  “Thinking Out Loud.”

Young Dolph‘s been winning throughout 2017. The rapper got shot at twice, with one of the times actually hitting Dolph and putting him in the hospital. Despite all of that, he bounced back and delivered a slew of incredible music including October’s Thinking Out Loud. The project was released shortly after his most recent shooting and he announced his shortly after he was released from the project. He’s delivered several videos off of it so far and today, he drops off the video for album’s intro track, “What’s the Deal.”

Young Dolph continues his winning spree with his latest video. The rapper is seen showing all sides of his life, from the trap to the luxurious side of things. Dolph flosses his diamond encrusted pieces while posted in the backseat of a vehicle with a gorgeous young lady by his side. The model maintains as a focal point throughout the video. Later on, he goes back to his hood where he links up with his clique and mobs out. At one point in the video, he’s seen with his arm wrapped up in a cast, presumably shot after the incident in Hollywood. It’s a simple video that captures the essence of Young Dolph and his surroundings especially around the time the album was released.


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