20-year-old Atlanta-based Zaia is set to release his new single ‘Barriers’, a freshly unique hip-pop track pulled from his upcoming EP ‘Drive’. Produced by TrendzMusic, the single merges Zaia’s signature flow and lyrical content with a mellow vibe, smooth jazz keys, and dark percussions. Zaia explains: “I wrote Barriers in a time of my life where I had a lot of limitations and problems in my way. It’s a song for overcoming obstacles, just to let people know “Hey! We all go through these things, but you can’t let them hold you back, you know?

The young songwriter/rapper recently teamed up with Grammy-nominated produced Maths Time Joy on ‘Count on Me’ which was also featured on Spotify’s NMF (2.4 million). With 300,000+ streams on Soundcloud, and a big buzz surrounding him on the blogosphere, Zaia is set to make 2018 his, in his own imaginative way.

Listen below…

New Music: Zaia – Barriers


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