2 Chainz Charged With Obstructing An Officer

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2-chainz-2012-01-03-300x300What is thought to be 2 Chainz tour bus was pulled over outside Oklahoma City, and the bus driver was arrested on suspicion of drug use.

2 Chainz is once more having trouble on the road, after being robbed in San Francisco where he was scheduled to perform in the Bay Area. This time, however, it appears Tity 2 Necklace may not have been on site during the incident, which involved his tour bus.

What is believed to be the rapper’s tour bus was stopped outside Oklahoma City, Oklahoma this morning. As Oklahoma’s NewsOn6.Com reports, 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne performed at Chesapeake Energy Arena on Wednesday night. Just past midnight on Thursday, the cops pulled over a tour bus for a broken taillight on Interstate 40 and Meridian.

The officer arrested the bus driver, whom he suspected of drug use. However, the seven people on board the tour bus refused to unlock it, so the cops had the tour bus towed with the people still on board to a police training facility nearby until they obtained a warrant to search the bus.

The people on board where eventually taken off the bus and detained while the vehicle was searched. They could be charged with a misdemeanor, interfering with official process.

It’s uncertain at this time if 2 Chainz was actually on board. We’ll update you once we know.

[UPDATE: 2 Chainz Was On Board The Bus And He Was Arrested]

So it turns out Tity Boi was indeed on his tour bus when the cops pulled it over outside of Oklahoma City early this morning.

The police had pulled over the vehicle and attempted to enter when they noticed signs of drug use. However, the bus driver locked the police out, insisting on a warrant, which the police soon obtained. Following that, 2 Chainz along with 11 other people were arrested for “interfering with the police process.”

It’s unclear if they face additional charges, and whether or not drugs were actually found on the bus.

TMZ has obtained video footage of the police on location during the arrest. See it below.

[Update: Details Emerge On 2 Chainz Arrest]

As previously reported, 2 Chainz along with 10 members of his entourage were arrested last week for smoking marijuana on his bus after a show in Oklahoma city.

What we didn’t know is that one of Tity 2 Necklace’s friends actually held up a physical copy of the United States Constitution in an attempt to stop police from boarding. The affidavit states that the entourage member held the constitution against the bus window, “as if challenging officers” with his civil rights.

Unfortunately, the constitution didn’t really make a difference in the end, as the police had probable cause to enter the vehicle when they were able to smell and see smoke from outside.

The bus was towed in the end, where it sat in a police lot for a few hours until a search warrant was obtained.2 Chainz and his crew were then arrested, no thanks to the constitution.

[Update: 2 Chainz Charged With Obstructing An Officer]

While we knew that 2 Chainz and his crew were arrested after refusing to let officers to board their bus last week, it was still never clear what the charges stemmed from.

It seemed like they were likely drug-related as the search of the vehicle was based on visible smoke in the bus. However, after towing the bus, and obtaining a search warrant, it seems that no drugs were found. In fact, Tity Boi and his crew were charged with “obstructing an officer,” meaning their only offense was not letting the police on the vehicle (and waving around an irrelevant cover of the constitution).

2 Chainz has yet to comment on the charges.

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