Blanco Drops New Single “Ponzi Scheme”

Blanco ponzi scheme
Prodizzle Head Of Content

Blanco has released his second official track of 2024, “Ponzi Scheme,” building on his recent collaborations with Interplanetary Criminal on “Races” and DC on “The Curb.” This release follows a transformative trip to Brazil, infusing his music with vibrant South American influences.

“Ponzi Scheme” showcases Blanco’s signature whip-smart lyricism over skippy percussive beats and South American-inspired strings. Produced by FS Green and Dave Nunes (Soulection), the track creates an intoxicating blend that highlights Blanco’s knack for innovative soundscapes. His ability to integrate diverse international sounds into his music continues to cement his reputation as one of the UK’s most exciting and experimental lyricists.

Blanco is set to perform a freestyle of “Ponzi Scheme” on Shooters Only on June 25th, offering fans a live taste of his latest work.

What do you think of Blanco’s new single “Ponzi Scheme”? Are you excited for his upcoming freestyle on Shooters Only? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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