Bryson Tiller Drops “Whatever She Wants” on Streaming Platforms with Ratchet Visuals

Prodizzle Head Of Content

As part of his popular Tiller Tuesdays series, Bryson Tiller has officially released his previously dropped track “Whatever She Wants” on digital streaming platforms, accompanied by an edgy new music video.

In the visually striking clip, also released on Tiller Tuesdays, Tiller, also known as Pen Griffey, dons a ski mask as he immerses himself in a world of excess, surrounded by bags of money and a studio filled with strippers.

The lyrics of the track delve into themes of power dynamics in relationships, as Tiller raps about the allure of a powerful woman and the lengths he’s willing to go to please her. Lines like “She on a power trip again / I know pussy power got me buying shit again” highlight the track’s raw and unfiltered approach to storytelling.

Produced by TylianMTB, “Whatever She Wants” is part of Bryson’s ongoing Slum Tiller tape, a three-part series that he initiated last year. With new tracks being added to the series on a weekly basis, fans can expect even more of Tiller’s signature sound and introspective lyrics in the weeks to come.

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