Chip and Nafe Smallz Drop New Video for “Neighbourhood”

Prodizzle Head Of Content

Chip and Nafe Smallz have unveiled a brand new music video for “Neighbourhood,” the intro track from their latest joint project, Neighbourhood. The duo, known for their history of successful collaborations, continue to build on their synergy with this new release.

Following recent hits like “Wow” and “Off License,” which also appear on the 14-track mixtape, “Neighbourhood” showcases their unique blend of sharp lyrics and melodic flows. This project not only highlights their individual talents but also solidifies their status in the UK rap scene, setting a new benchmark for rap collaborations.

Fans can expect a mix of hard-hitting verses and catchy hooks that demonstrate why Chip and Nafe Smallz remain at the top of their game.

Check out the video for “Neighbourhood” and experience the dynamic partnership of Chip and Nafe Smallz.

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