Comfy, Kay9ine & Shiloh Dynasty Team Up for New EP “Lost In Lofi”

lost in lofi
Prodizzle Head Of Content

Comfy and Kay9ine, two of the most important characters in the UK lo-fi rap scene, have teamed up with Shiloh Dynasty, the most sampled voice in lofi rap, to release an EP titled “Lost In Lofi.” Released today May 12th, this massive three-track Atlantic collaboration also features three music videos. The EP follows the release of the debut single “Couple Little Things” which dropped late last month

“Our fans have been begging us to work together for a long time, and when Shiloh came out to us about hopping on recordings with us, it seemed like the perfect moment.” “Comfy Says” “Lofi rap has been making some real waves, and this cross-atlantic collab between us and Shiloh is as huge as it gets,” says Kay9ine. We can’t wait to see how this impacts the industry. The climax of lo-fi rap is near!

Watch the video for “Hate That I Love and stream “Lost In Lofi” EP below on HWING.

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