Concrete Boys Unite: Lil Yachty’s Collective Drops Debut Compilation Album, “It’s Us Vol. 1”

Concrete Boys
Prodizzle Head Of Content

Lil Yachty and his collective, Concrete Boys, have come together to unveil their label’s inaugural compilation album, “It’s Us Vol. 1”.

The album features Lil Yachty alongside fellow members Camo, Karrahbooo, DC2Trill, and Draft Day. Leading the charge is the Concrete Family supergroup with their latest posse cut, “Family Business”. Additionally, listeners can enjoy previously released tracks like Draft Day’s “Love Language”, DC2Trill’s “My Life”, and Karrahbooo’s “Where Yo Daddy”.

The 16-track set boasts a diverse range of tunes including “Point Me To It”, “Playa Walkin”, “Jeff & Lita”, “Not Da 2”, and more. Lil Yachty also makes three solo appearances with tracks like “LA Reid”, “Cane & Able”, and “Pimpin Ain’t Easy”.

This album marks a significant milestone for Concrete Boys, following the success of their debut single “Mo Jams” released last year. For Lil Yachty, “It’s Us Vol. 1” serves as his first project since “Let’s Start Here”.

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