Dina Ayada Drops EP “The Script” Amidst Global Rise

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Following her breakthrough debut EP “Superstar!” last November, 20-year-old Dina Ayada has released her highly anticipated second EP, “The Script.” This latest collection captures Ayada’s personal journey and artistic growth since leaving law school to fully embrace her music career.

Ayada describes “The Script” as a deeply personal narrative reflecting her life experiences over recent months. “This EP is my story,” she explains. “It’s about my life experiences the past couple of months after dropping out of law school to focus on my career & share my music with the world. This EP is more than music to me. It’s art. It’s a feeling. It’s love. It’s happiness. I believe the world lacks those sometimes & I’m here to make a change. We all absorb the music we listen to & I want my listeners to absorb good energy. Music that’s gonna inspire them to be & do better in every aspect of life.”

Ayada’s message of empowerment is central to the EP: “I flip the script every day & so does every Dina Ayada supporter, every star. This means that you decide to do something different. You wake up & flip the script. You wake up & decide to change your life by doing the things you truly want in life. We all got it!”

Currently on tour with Gunna, Ayada is also set to perform at several international festivals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium, including a scheduled appearance at Rolling Loud EU and headline shows in Asia and the US. Staying true to her international appeal, Ayada continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Discover Dina Ayada’s transformative journey and vibrant sound on “The Script” EP, below

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