FelixThe1st Drops New Single “Swan Song” and Announces Debut Project ‘i hope you never fit in’

Prodizzle Head Of Content

West London’s emerging artist, FelixThe1st, is making waves with the release of his latest single, “Swan Song,” along with the exciting announcement of his debut project, ‘i hope you never fit in.’

The 13-track project, scheduled for release on February 21st, is a carefully curated collection that reflects FelixThe1st’s diverse musical influences, blending elements of Bedroom Pop, Rock, and Shoegaze. Over the past year, Felix has crafted a project that delves into themes of teenage angst, heartbreak, and romance, showcasing his vulnerability and authenticity.

“Swan Song” serves as a glimpse into the upcoming mixtape, placing Felix’s vulnerability at the forefront. The song takes listeners on a journey through his introspective and emotive lyricism, providing a preview of what to expect from ‘i hope you never fit in.’

The accompanying visual for “Swan Song,” directed by Ben Wescott, adds another layer to the narrative, creating a visual complement to the musical experience. As FelixThe1st prepares to unveil his debut project, music enthusiasts can anticipate a unique and heartfelt exploration of emotions and experiences.

For those eager to immerse themselves in FelixThe1st’s evolving musical journey, “Swan Song” and the upcoming project ‘i hope you never fit in’ promise a distinctive blend of genres and a genuine expression of the artist’s creative identity.

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