G-Eazy Pays Tribute to Late Mother with “Love You Forever” Single

G-Eazy Love You Forever
Prodizzle Head Of Content

In honor of Mother’s Day, G-Eazy dedicates his latest recording, “Love You Forever,” to his late mother, Suzanne Olmsted.

Similar to his previous heartfelt dedications like “Angel” and “When I’m Sixty-Four,” the Bay Area rapper reflects on the cherished moments spent with his mother.

“Always just me and you / ‘Til one day the boy grew and grew / Trouble I’d often brew,” he raps. “Doing the stuff that you ain’t want me to do / Late nights, I’d hide from you / Funny somehow you still always knew / Tiptoe, slip in past 2 / Knock on your door and I would sing to you.”

“Love You Forever” follows G-Eazy’s previous single, “Lady Killers III,” showcasing his versatility as an artist and his ability to convey raw emotions through his music.

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