GloRilla Taps Megan Thee Stallion & Cardi B for “Wanna Be” Remix

GloRilla Wanna Be Remix f Megan Thee Stallion Cardi B
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GloRilla and Megan Thee Stallion have unleashed the highly anticipated remix of their hit “Wanna Be,” now featuring Cardi B. This remix retains Glo and Meg’s original powerhouse vocals while adding Cardi B’s dynamic new verse, where she takes aim at unnamed rivals.

Cardi kicks off the remix with bold lyrics, rapping,

These bitches be boring, corny / Pop out, new bag, new jewelry / Throwing ass all on my story / I’ll make a photographer horny.” She continues with her trademark confidence, addressing haters and asserting her dominance, “Bitch, please, don’t nobody wanna be ya / Cheap looking ass ho, weak looking ass ho / Great Value me looking ass ho / Girl, these bitches be pussy / Delete every tweet lookin’ ass ho.”

The original “Wanna Be” is a standout track from GloRilla’s latest mixtape, Ehhthang Ehhthang. This remix marks another significant collaboration for the trio, who have previously worked together on hits like “Tomorrow 2” in 2022 and “Bongos” and “WAP” in 2023 and 2020, respectively.

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