Lauryn Hill Postpones House Arrest To Go On Tour

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laurynhillLauryn Hill has been granted permission to postpone her house detention sentence to go on tour.

Lauryn Hill’s tax evasion case was highly publicized, with each step of the way being documented by the media. The former-Fugee caught a pretty big break after paying her outstanding balances just before her sentencing, and ended up going away for only 3 months.

Hill has been released as of last week, and has been serving a home detention sentence since. While the house arrest is meant to last for 3 months, the singer is planning to go tour from Nov. 15th through Dec. 31st, which her judge is apparently on board with.

Prison officials will continue to monitor her on the tour, and she will have to run the dates and locations of each venue and hotel past her probation officer, but otherwise, she’ll have a normal touring experience.

On January 1st, 2014, she will return to confinement and complete her 3 month sentence.

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