narou Teams Up With at the crib On “Check On Me”: Watch

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narou links up with his close friends and fellow band-members of at the crib for his latest single “Check On Me” which is also accompanied by a visual treatment.

Mike Nasa, who brings his lyrical-rap finesse to ‘Check On Me’, and just released a smash with Noah Slee says: “’Check On Me’ is an ode to my childhood. I grew up watching Soul Train and listening to funk and boogie records and I remember the bright lights, crazy outfits and fly dance moves that entranced me as a youth. When narou played Kijana and I the song, I knew we had something special on our hands. I wanted to pay homage to the music that made me the artist I am today and put some extra spice on it for the culture.”

Kijana, a queen of her own kingdom adds: “the single is very dear to me, since it was the first song narou, Mike Nasa and I collaborated on and therefore laid the groundwork for us coming together as “at the crib.”. I’m super proud of the vibrancy and nostalgia for the Disco and Boogie era we were able to create with ‘Check On Me’ and can’t wait for the whole world to vibe to it.”

Watch below.

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