Fridayy & Chris Brown Team Up for “Don’t Give It Away”

Fridayy & Chris Brown Team Up for "Don't Give It Away"
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On their song “Don’t Give It Away,” Fridayy and Chris Brown hit it off.

The Philly crooner dials up the heat on this co-produced track with Aidan Brody, Fridayy, and KVRIM.

We gon’ fuck around and make a movie / Let me get it wetter than jacuzzi,” he sings. “Shawty, you know you could have it your way / You be acting’ different after forеplay,” he continues while Breezy tears it up.

As the song goes: “Love when I’m aggressive, I might pull a track out” and “Used to stare over the city when I blow your back out.”

This is Fridayy’s first single since their 2017 album Lost In Melody.

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