Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne recently discussed his health condition after experiencing a few reported seizures and what precautions he is now taking.

According to Weezy F. Baby, he has to drink bottled water daily to help avoid further complications.

“Please let them know that I have an air unit, but because of the sound, they don’t want the air on, so it’s super hot in here,” Wayne declared, adding, “I don’t want y’all to think I’m on nothing, man. I’m on seizure medicine, man, that’s all.” Although his camp chalked the health scare up to dehydration and a severe migraine to avoid extra scrutiny, Wayne revealed that he is now taking medicine that prevents seizures and doctors have given him pretty strict orders since the incident — even if he isn’t exactly adhering to their regimen. “They said I gotta drink four water bottles a day, that’s what the doctors say,” Wayne said, almost in disbelief. “I just came from the doctor. I ain’t drinking four water bottles, but everything’s good.” (MTV)

Earlier this month, reports surfaced which said Wayne could not board planes as a safety precaution.

Lil Wayne is under STRICT ORDERS from his doctor to keep his ass off airplanes for the foreseeable future … after his mid-flight medical emergency last week, TMZ has learned. We’re told Wayne’s been to the doctor twice since his hospitalization and has nurses coming to check on him regularly. The rapper’s telling friends he feels the seizures were a result of working himself too hard after his jail stint — and has been calling the health scare a “life-changing event” and an “eye-opener.” We’re told Weezy is planning to return to his Miami home shortly — but he won’t be taking a plane … he’ll be traveling inside a luxury bus. (TMZ)

The platinum-selling rapper also jumped on Twitter to update fans on his condition.

“Thanx for all the prayers! I am good.,” Weezy tweeted October 27th. (Lil Wayne’s Twitter)

Initially reported as seizures, Wayne’s camp later said his medical problems stemmed from non-fatal issues.

A New York Daily News report explains that Wayne was hospitalized twice within two days for “severe migraines and dehydration ” The medical conditions forced Lil Wayne to miss his scheduled court date on Friday in his case against Quincy Jones III, says the New York Daily News. Whether his legal team will present the case without Wayne, or if it will be declared a mistrial, is unknown at this time. (Examiner)

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