NEWS UPDATE: Frank Ocean & Chris Brown Respond To Brawl

Frank Ocean and Chris Brown head to their respective social media outlets to comment on yesterday’s studio squabble.

Chris Brown is no stranger to physical altercations, he’s also no stranger to twitter rants about his physical altercations, which often wind up with him digging himself an even deeper hole or just deleting his account altogether.

Surprisingly, Mr. Brown was able to show some restraint today, and it was Frankwhose twitter was active in response to their scuffle yesterday. Frank provided some typical shots, taking some jabs at Chris while simultaneously humble-bragging about his upcoming Grammy performance.

While Chris did take to instagram to comment on the beef today, he remained decidedly positive. He uploaded a photo of him in the studio with the comment “Working on my album. Not working on negativity. Focus on feeding ya family. Bull—- will forever be in the shadows.”

View the respective tweets and photo below.

[Update: Frank Ocean Wishes To Press Charges Against Chris Brown]

The NY Post is reporting that the Odd Future crooner wishes to press charges against brown after their altercation outside an L.A. recording studio in which Ocean claims he was jumped. Apparently the channel ORANGE singer wants Chris to pay, “for punching him and starting an all-out brawl.”

Brown, who is currently on probation for his domestic violence against Rihanna, is reportedly wanted by police for questioning.

Even if this ends up not being a direct violation of his probation, this will certainly hurt Brown’s already delicate reputation.

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