Pete Philly & Perquisite Share New Album “Eon”

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After a lengthy hiatus, fans of Amsterdam’s dynamic hip-hop duo Pete Philly & Perquisite are rejoicing as the pair reunites and drops their long-awaited third studio album, ‘Eon,’ courtesy of Dutch label Unexpected Records. With the album release comes the excitement of an accompanying European tour, marking a significant moment in the duo’s musical journey.

In a recent statement, Perquisite shared insights into the album’s creation, describing it as both a new chapter and a continuation of their signature sound. He emphasizes the preservation of their trademarks, including Pete’s distinct rap and singing style, alongside his own beat-making prowess and their signature use of instrumental solos. However, he notes subtle differences, such as a tendency towards shorter, more compact songs and a greater incorporation of electric guitar, resulting in a sound that feels more grounded and balanced.

‘Eon’ boasts 12 tracks that resonate with the same relatable vibe that initially endeared Pete Philly & Perquisite to fans over a decade ago. Drawing from a diverse range of influences including soul, funk, jazz, world, and electronic music, the album is characterized by enthralling solos and unexpected twists. What sets this album apart is its deeper, more introspective themes, reflecting the duo’s current life stages. Tracks like the title song “Eon,” “Carry You,” and “Raindrop” offer poignant reflections on family, relationships, and personal struggles, adding layers of emotional depth to the record.

Despite the weightier subject matter, ‘Eon’ still maintains a sense of lightheartedness with tracks like the infectious “Hot Sauce,” the joyful “Spiffy,” and the latest single “My Stereo.” These songs serve as a testament to the duo’s ability to blend introspection with celebration, paying homage to their sources of inspiration while showcasing the unifying power of spirited and soulful music.

For fans old and new, ‘Eon’ promises to be a captivating musical journey, affirming Pete Philly & Perquisite‘s enduring legacy in the hip-hop landscape. Stream below and add top your playlist here.

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