Simply Missy Pays Tribute to Brooklyn in New Release ‘Oh Brooklyn’

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Discover the heartfelt narrative of “Oh Brooklyn (A Trini Grows in Brooklyn)” by Simply Missy.

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In this poignant track, Simply Missy shares her experiences of growing up in the vibrant melting pot of Brooklyn, while also spending time in her Caribbean homeland of Trinidad & Tobago. Through her lyrical storytelling, she navigates the challenges of cultural expectations, gentrification, and the journey of self-discovery in the ever-changing landscape of Brooklyn.

“Oh Brooklyn” serves as a reminder that despite the pressures and struggles of adulthood and cultural identity, we have the power to carve out a life we love. Sometimes, this journey may require leaving behind familiar places and people to gain a deeper appreciation for them.

Experience the resonant melodies and insightful reflections of “Oh Brooklyn (A Trini Grows in Brooklyn)” as Simply Missy invites listeners on a journey of nostalgia, growth, and embracing the essence of home.

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