ThaFirst and INFAMOUSIZAK Shine in “Chanel Bags” with Retro Vibes and Sharp Rhymes

Prodizzle Head Of Content

Set against the backdrop of Paris’s vibrant streets, “Chanel Bags” immediately captivates with its warm, retro-fitted samples and infectious trap percussion. ThaFirst takes the spotlight, delivering smart and intricate wordplay that connects his vision for success with the flashy, party-driven angles depicted in the accompanying VHS music video. Joining him is South London native INFAMOUSIZAK, whose punchy bars burst with finesse, adding another layer to the track’s upper echelon brand of UK rap.

Hailing from the bustling scenes of North London, ThaFirst has been immersed in powerful influences from an early age, thanks to his father, grime veteran and BBK innovator Frisco. This exposure to UK sound culture and street-level experiences has shaped ThaFirst’s artistic vision and deep-rooted influence in the music and fashion landscape.

With a string of releases under his belt, including the acclaimed “Bad One” (Official Music Video), which showcased his affiliation with Big Smoke Records, ThaFirst made waves at Skepta’s debut MAINS SS24 show during London Fashion Week. His electrifying presence on stage propelled him into the fashion spotlight, leading to performances at A$AP Nast’s official after-party in Paris alongside notable DJs Kirou Kirou and Keyrah. Recently, ThaFirst graced the stage at Big Smoke Festival 2024, sharing billing with GRAMMY-winner Flowdan, grime legend Sir Spyro, and UK favorite Manga Saint Hilare. With his artistic confidence and integrity, ThaFirst is establishing himself as one of the most promising young talents emerging from the UK and beyond.

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