Usher’s Son Hospitalized Following Pool Accident

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usherrUsher’s son was taken to the ICU following a pool accident last night. Doctors are hopeful that he will recover from the injuries.

Usher’s son has been admitted to the ICU after an accident in the singer’s pool Monday, according to TMZ. Sources report that the incident occurred around 6PM yesterday, while Usher was out of the house.

While not much is known of the accident, apparently Usher’s 5-year-old boy (the youngest of two he has with ex-wife Tameka Raymond) took a lot of water into his lungs, and an attempted resuscitation was made.

Doctors are running tests currently, and luckily, things are looking good for a recovery so far.

This is not the first accident to strike Usher’s family. His 11-year-old step-son (Tameka’s child from another marriage), was killed last year from complications due to a jet ski accident.

More coverage to come as information arrives.

[Update: Details Emerge On Accident]

TMZ has now reported some more specific details on how Usher’s son was injured.

The boy was apparently in the pool with Usher’s aunt when he got his arm stuck in the drain trying to pull a toy out of it. Usher’s aunt immediately dove down and attempted to pull him from the drain, but was unable to, at which point the maid also jumped in the pool, but was still unable to free him from the drain’s pull.

The maid then allegedly screamed for help, and two men working in the house came running and were able to release the boy from the drain and get him back on land. He was given CPR and rushed to hospital immediately, and Usher was able to accompany him in the ambulance.

As previously reported, it seems that Usher’s son will recover from his injuries.

[Update: Singer’s Ex-Wife Demands Custody]

Following Usher’s son’s accident yesterday, the singer’s ex-wife and mother to his two children, Tameka Raymond, wants primary custody of her kids. In new legal documents, Tameka alleges that the children are in a dangerous environment with Usher, particularly with the people he trusts to care for them.

Tameka specifically names Usher’s aunt, who was the one caring for their child when he nearly drowned in the singer’s pool. She says the aunt is too physical in her discipline, and has even let a stalker into the house in the past.

Tameka is looking to reverse the current custody arrangement, giving her primary custody, and leaving Usher with limited custodial rights.


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