B-ahwe’s “Infected” Video: A Dreamy Blend of Reality and Fantasy

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Emerging from the vibrant South London music scene, singer-songwriter B-ahwe unveils the enchanting video for her latest track, “Infected,” the second solo release of the year. This mesmerizing song is a sneak peek into her upcoming project, the “26% MIXTAPE.”

The sensual music video, co-directed by Seb Luke Virgo and B-ahwe herself, draws its inspiration from the unique experiences of lockdown, a period when many of us sought connection through phone calls. At its core, “Infected” is a visual tale of lust and infatuation, with B-ahwe captivatingly glued to her phone for hours, reflecting the intense connections we forged during those challenging times.

B-ahwe’s vocals seamlessly intertwine with the dreamlike production, creating an ethereal atmosphere. The video adds a fantastical layer to this theme, portraying B-ahwe’s daydream as she falls asleep during a lengthy phone call. In this reverie, she finds herself in a mysterious masquerade ball, tantalizingly close to waking from her slumber. Her phone call, intoxicating and unending, reaches her even in the depths of this dreamworld.

The video masterfully blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, emphasizing the beauty found in the ordinary. B-ahwe collaborated with the same talented team behind the “Ride 2 Nowhere” video, and the result is nothing short of captivating. This creative fusion of escapism and authenticity showcases B-ahwe’s unique vision and talent.

With “Infected,” B-ahwe invites us into a world where dreams and reality coexist harmoniously, reminding us of the profound connections we can forge, even in the most unexpected places. This track, along with its mesmerizing video, reaffirms B-ahwe as an artist to watch in the alternative music scene, with a distinctive ability to craft captivating narratives through her music and visuals.

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