Lil Wayne Joins NLE Choppa on “Ain’t Gonna Answer” — Watch

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NLE Choppa teams up with rap veteran Lil Wayne for the explosive new tune “Ain’t Gonna Answer.” The collaboration is the latest preview of Choppa’s upcoming Cottonwood 2 album, due out on April 14th, and is full of riotous energy, dazzling wordplay, and limitless attitude.

Choppa and Tunechi swagger over their critics over a New Orleans bounce beat. The release is accompanied with a music video that has the two getting crazy on a set that is reminiscent of the classic Cash Money videos, complete with dirt motorcycles and ladies twerking.

“Don’t be worried about what we be doing / What we doing? / Making money / What they doing? Hating on us,” raps the Memphis rapper, while Weezy brings his Hot Boy flow. “Shirt off, Choppa on, Weezy baby, Babylon / I’m greedy, baby, Ramadan, I got my slimes with me, it’s a slimeathon,” raps Tune.

The song follows on the heels of his other recent anthems, “Mo Upfront,” “Champions,” and “23,” all of which dropped within the last few weeks.

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