Offica Teases New EP with “Living Proof’ Single — Watch

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Nigerian-born and Irish-raised rapper Offica has been setting the music scene ablaze with his unique sound and undeniable talent. His latest single, “Living Proof,” is a testament to his remarkable rise in the industry.

“Living Proof” introduces listeners to Offica’s distinctive style, characterized by slick wordplay and a mercurial flow. The track’s production is minimalist, allowing Offica’s lyrical prowess to take center stage. Gentle piano chords, stripped-back Afrobeats-infused percussion, and a deep bassy low end create the perfect canvas for Offica’s storytelling.

This single serves as a prelude to Offica’s upcoming two-part EP, with the first installment titled “Hokage.” It’s a return to his ‘classic’ sound, combining anime-inspired party drill with introspective rap. Offica initially caught the world’s attention with his anime-sampling track “Naruto Drillings” four years ago, and since then, he’s been on a meteoric rise, redefining what it means to be an Irish rapper.

Offica’s track record speaks for itself. He’s collaborated with YouTube sensation KSI, achieved record-breaking streaming numbers for his UK Drill freestyle (with over 120 million streams), and amassed an additional 80 million streams across his catalog, all without releasing a full-length project. His ability to seamlessly blend Yoruba language with Irish slang, his surreal sense of humor, and his talent for setting new musical trends have garnered him a dedicated global following.

With “Living Proof,” Offica embarks on a new chapter in his musical journey. This stripped-back yet impactful track serves as a bold statement, hinting at the exciting directions he’s about to explore. His forthcoming two-part album, “Hokage” and “Hokage in Lagos,” promises to delve deeper into his roots while pushing the boundaries of his sound. Part one, “Hokage,” revisits his classic style of anime-infused party drill and introspective rap, while part two, “Hokage in Lagos,” ventures into Afrobeats-infused drill, drawing inspiration from artists like Wizkid, D’banj, and Psquare.

Offica is not only expanding his musical horizons but also taking his music to new territories. He’s set to perform in major cities like London, UK, Sydney, Australia, and Lagos, Nigeria, showcasing his global appeal and ambition.

“Living Proof” is just the beginning of Offica’s exciting journey into uncharted musical territory. As he continues to break boundaries and redefine Irish rap, his fans can’t help but be thrilled about what’s next on the horizon.

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