Rhode Island Artist Toso Releases New Song & Video “Lotta Doe”

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Los Angeles-based artist Toso is set to make a significant impact with his latest single, “Lotta Doe.” Toso’s music captivates listeners with its conscious and entertaining mood, delivered through his clear, poetic, and melodic style. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, Toso has crafted a distinctive sound that sets him apart.

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Having made the bold decision to uproot his life from Providence, Rhode Island, and pursue his passion in Los Angeles, Toso’s newfound confidence and environment have greatly influenced his musical journey. His artist name, pronounced as “Tuh-Sow,” carries a meaningful connection to his Nigerian heritage, signifying “Glory be to God.” Toso’s commitment to musical flexibility allows him to adapt to various beats and styles, offering a dynamic range within his songs.

Motivated by the desire to share the exhilaration he experiences when creating music, Toso’s passion shines through in his compositions. He thrives on crafting songs that he himself can fall in love with, knowing that his audience will experience the same joy and connection. Influenced by the likes of Ludacris, Eminem, Nas, Jay-Z, and Wiz Khalifa, Toso has embraced their artistry and allowed it to shape his own musical identity.

With his new single and accompanied video, “Lotta Doe,” Toso aims to inspire independence and self-reliance. The song encourages listeners to persevere and rise above dependency, reflecting Toso’s journey as an independent musician navigating a competitive industry.

Looking ahead, Toso has ambitious plans for his music career. Currently working on a new album and a series of releases throughout the year, he envisions collaborating with established artists to further refine his craft and expand his fan base. Toso’s music reflects his originality and invites listeners to explore his diverse catalogue beyond the upcoming album, ensuring a captivating and ever-evolving musical journey.

As Toso continues to carve his path as a versatile hip-hop artist, his dedication to creating captivating music that resonates with a broad audience remains steadfast. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to his music, Toso’s unique artistry is sure to captivate and leave you eagerly anticipating his future releases.

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