Uche Debuts New Sensational Single “Okada” — Listen

Prodizzle Head Of Content

Uche, a LA-based Nigerian artist, has released his new track Okada,” a captivating afro-beat cut that further establishes the growing multi-hyphenate as a stand-out potential throughout the rap field.

The self-produced instrumental, elevated by addictive percussion and sad guitar licks, emerges as a silken mixture of nostalgic afro-swing, laced with Uche’s deep-rooted poetry touching on poetic justice when investigating a new love interest that blurs the boundary between love and desire. “Have you ever been driven insane by love?” I just want to leave. “Why can’t my home and my sanctuary be the same thing?” With a significant lyrical genius and powerful sound waves, “Okada” will keep the spotlight on Uche as one of the most interesting young talents in the underground.

Watch the accompanied video for “Okada” by Uche below on HWING.

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