Unknown T Drops ‘Bon Appetit’: A Flavorful Prelude to Blood Diamond Album

Prodizzle Head Of Content

Homerton’s rising star, Unknown T, has set the scene ablaze with his latest single, “Bon Appetit,” accompanied by a vibrant music video. This release comes on the heels of his electrifying headline show at Camden’s Koko, further solidifying his presence in the music scene.

Teaming up with producer EMIL, the maestro behind the recent Daily Duppy freestyle, Unknown T infuses his distinctive sound into “Bon Appetit.” This single, a tantalizing glimpse into his forthcoming debut album, Blood Diamond, scheduled for a January release, promises an exceptional musical journey.

“Bon Appetit” is more than a track; it’s a showcase of Unknown T’s magnetic energy and artistic prowess. The collaboration with EMIL, known for his previous work with the artist, ensures a seamless blend of beats and lyricism. As the anticipation builds for Blood Diamond, Unknown T’s status as a formidable force in the industry is undeniably strengthened. Stay tuned for what could be a groundbreaking album from this rising star.

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