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Dive into our music discovery of the week from amazing acts across the world who are creating and delivering hot music. With so many good songs steadily coming through, we have decided to share a list of some of the songs that caught our ears and we think you should pay some attention to. We’ve rounded up the best “discovery of the week” in V5.6

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A$HMONEY, an emerging independent hip-hop artist, makes a powerful debut with his solo project, “WHATS TO COME”. Inspired by artists like Montana of 300, G Herbo, and Babytron, A$HMONEY brings a fresh and unique sound to the hip-hop scene. With captivating lyrics and mesmerizing beats, A$HMONEY showcases his talent and potential as both a rapper and producer. His debut project is a testament to his dedication and commitment to his craft, with top-notch production quality that sets him apart from other emerging artists. As he continues to make waves in the industry, A$HMONEY is poised to become a force to be reckoned with in the world of hip-hop.

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Listen to “WHATS TO COME

P3Lz – Charged

Experience the high-tempo energy of enigmatic artist P3Lz with his latest single, “Charged”. Taking a break to reset and recharge, P3Lz delivers a charged-up track that is sure to get you moving. With pulsating beats and electrifying vocals, “Charged” is the perfect anthem for those looking to energize their day.

Listen to “Charged” here

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LOH-renzo – Chit-Chat

Hip-hop artist and fashion enthusiast LOH-renzo brings a breath of fresh air with his latest track, “Chit-Chat”. This vibey hip-hop track is a playful exploration of the mind of a young artist trying to balance fun and focus. With its catchy hook and infectious beat, “Chit-Chat” is a reminder to enjoy the little things in life while staying focused on your goals.

Listen to “Chit-Chat” here

Syncere – Cant Wait

Experience the visionary sound of Syncere with his latest single, “Cant Wait”. This American-born singer/rapper is ushering in a new wave of R&B with his unique perspective on music and life. With influences from old-school R&B and modern sound, Syncere is revitalizing the music relics of the past while bringing a fresh perspective to the genre.

Listen to “Cant Wait” here

MysturLove – Drip Game

Get ready to turn up the heat with MysturLove’s hit summer track, “Drip Game”. With its infectious beat and catchy melodies, “Drip Game” is the perfect track to bump in the car or the club. MysturLove’s goal is to build his fan base and branch out to new markets, and with tracks like “Drip Game”, he’s well on his way to success.

Listen to “Drip Game” here

John Alone – boy breakfast/girl dinner

Experience the melancholic reflection of John Alone’s latest release, “boy breakfast/girl dinner”. This contemplative single captures the existential dread of life in your mid-20s, perfectly encapsulating the feeling of running out of time in a world that stopped making sense long ago. With its irresistible hook and arresting lyrics, “boy breakfast/girl dinner” is sure to resonate with listeners.

Listen to “boy breakfast/girl dinner” here

RZN8R – Rub Me The Right Way (AKA Genie Remix)

Embark on a global sonic journey with RZN8R’s highly anticipated album, “VXN“. Known for his laid-back, soul-infused grooves, RZN8R takes a daring leap with “VXN”, delivering a bass-heavy soundscape that signals a departure from his previous work. Drawing inspiration from world rhythms and a profound connection to music, “VXN” is a groundbreaking release that explores a new intersection between pop and world dance music.

Listen to “Rub Me The Right Way (AKA Genie Remix) here

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Tutipsy – Jaja

Experience the captivating blend of Afropop and soft Amapiano vibes with Tutipsy’s latest track, “Jaja”. This feel-good track boasts catchy melodies that will fit perfectly with your playlist and other channels. With its infectious beat and uplifting energy, “Jaja” is sure to be a hit with listeners.

Listen to “Jaja” here

SticcoDaBoss – My Fault

Get ready to vibe with SticcoDaBoss’s latest track, “BLM”. With its smooth beats and introspective lyrics, “My Fault” is a soulful exploration of personal responsibility and growth. SticcoDaBoss brings his signature style to this track, delivering a heartfelt performance that is sure to resonate with listeners.

Listen to “BLM” here

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