Joyner Lucas Drops Off New Song “What’s That?”

Joyner Lucas
Prodizzle Head Of Content

On his latest track, “What’s That?,” Joyner Lucas does not joke around.

The rapper from Worcester, Massachusetts uses a trap beat by UNKWN and Leo Son as a base to show off his lyrical prowess to his critics.

He raps, “Yeah I’ve been trapping out the motherfucking hallway / Niggas ain’t learn, so they must learn the hard way.” You may quote me on that: “Empty my clip like John Wayne, niggas want play, a mistake it’s a broadway / Oh you want beef, that’s alright, bitch it’s a wrap, that’s word to Chipotle.”

His new single, “What’s That?,” will appear on his August 18th forthcoming album Not Now, I’m Busy. His albums “Devil’s Work 2” and “Blackout” (a collaboration with Future) have been available there.

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